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If you're in farming, you're also in business. That means your farm has to give you a decent return. To have that healthy bank balance, you need to be producing enough milk, which is just another way of saying your cows need to be healthy and productive. For your animals to be healthy, your grass needs to be plentiful and nutrition-rich.

Forward Farming Biological

David Law has farmed for 35 years. But 3 years ago, he left it to start Forward Farming Biological Consultancy, a company that exists to help other farmers achieve higher productivity. David helps farmers by showing them how the biology of their farm works. He then helps them to work with that biology to produce the most cost-effective results.
The New Eco-friendly Sanitiser!

The New Eco-friendly Sanitiser!

Introducing DX50 Dairy Sanitiser

DX50 Dairy Sanitiser is Chlorine Dioxide in aqueous solution and is 2.46 times more effectively at oxidising (killing) harmful bacteria than standard chlorine.

What makes DX50 so much better?

  • BioGro Input Organic Certified 
  • A broad-spectrum sanitiser 
  • Kills only pathogens - not good bacteria
  • Kills 2.46x better than toxic Chlorine
  • Kills faster than toxic Chlorine
  • Effective with cold water not hot water
  • Non-corrosive: no acidic residue
  • Effective at breaking down dairy plant bio-films 
  • MPI approved for use in farm dairies
A Complete Cleaning System

A Complete Cleaning System

To complete your cleaning system, you need a Hot Alkali and a Hot Acid Detergent to work in partnership with DX50 Dairy Sanitiser. That means using an Alkali and Acid that are highly effective, economical, and Eco-friendly (non-chlorinated). 

DX50 has formed a partnership with CLARK Products Ltd to provide you with these materials: Ultimate Powder Caustic and Ultimate ULF Acid.

ULTIMATE ULF ACID is a powerful blend of Phosphoric and Sulphuric acids with advanced surfactant technology ensuring superior cleaning of all milk contact surfaces in the farm dairy. The formulation is suitable for all temperature use and water types, with an optimum foam profile for all modern milking machinery. MPI Dairy Maintenance Compound Approved.

ULTIMATE LIQUID CAUSTIC is an alkaline detergent sanitiser with advanced surfactant technology, ensuring superior cleaning of all milk contact surfaces in the farm dairy. It is designed to remove fat and protein deposits from the milking plant and BMT. MPI Dairy Maintenance Compound Approved.

FOUR ways that David Law can help farmers

1. Seminars: David Law will give farmers a clear and practical understanding of how to use farming biology to their advantage. Specifically, David will show how the effluent pond is used as a gauge to the efficiency of the entire farm. Case studies will show how proper biological practices can lead to major cost savings across your farm.
2. Farm Management Advice: Consultancy and training to helping farmers better utilise their farm resources. This includes an easy grazing and feed balancing program for better grass and feed measuring and management.

3. Soil Testing and Fertility Advice: David Law understands soil fertility from the ground up, literally. 10 years of farming and qualified soil testing through the Albrecht/Kinsey System has enabled David to guide other farmers into significantly better soil condition, grass growth, animal health, and milk production.

4. Effluent Management Advice: David is an expert in the biology of effluent ponds. He is able to solve crust problems with solutions that are cost-effective and practical. Click to read more.

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    The 2 most important things to understand

    The 2 most important things to understand

    1. Everything gets transferred in a Circle

    YOUR FARM IS BIO-CIRCLE. That simply means that every key area flows into and out of other key areas. What's in the soil goes into the grass. What's in the grass goes into the cow. What's in the cow goes into the effluent pond. What's in the effluent pond goes into the soil. This single concept is the first key to working with your farm's biology.

    2. Soil Biology is the stuff that gets transferred

    Soil biology is what makes everything grow and work. This biology includes nutrients, living organisms, even pH levels. This soil biology is transferred around your farm, unavoidably, and it can either work for you or against you. As the CEO of your farm business, your job is to understand the biology enough to be able to work with it. Relax! You don't have to be a scientist!
    The Soil is the Key to Everything

    The Soil is the Key to Everything

    The soil is the STOMACH of the grass

    In our efforts to grow grass, we've focused primarily on chemistry - the application of fertilisers. But to grow better grass at less cost, we need to take a closer look at the 'stomach of the grass', the soil and the living biology within the soil that actually grows the plants. Here's a short video clip to introduce you to the Food Web and the living microbes that do the work. Click here to read more

    What’s in the soil + what does it do?

    The key to growing grass is feeding the soil. The key to feeding the soil is knowing a bit about the biological inhabitants that live there. What microbes are present? What are their jobs? What kinds of nutrients help these living entities? In what amounts? What chemicals shut the good guys down while helping the pathogens? Click here to read more

    Everything starts with the Soil


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