Let’s Keep The Integrity

It is with mixed emotion that I read about the failure of our Two Big Fertiliser Co-Operatives to procure decent RPR that meets Standards set by the NZ Fertiliser Council.

It is pleasing to see that this problem of inferior phosphate being dumped on the NZ market to farmers who put a lot of trust in these majority stakeholders is being aired publicly at last. Printed in a leading fertiliser company newsletter September 2015, I quote " Clover King Sechura contains high quality sechura rock from Peru"…."Our new phosphate rock fertiliser can be expected to outperform similar products on an equal kg of P applied basis."

Although later in the piece, the writer admits the product doesn't come up to standard, I felt the article was misleading and not only degrading to quality RPR but also degrading to the name Sechura.

It is horrifying to expect farmers to now buy some second grade fertiliser just because these guys haven't got the real macoy.

I am pleased to see the NZ fertiliser Council are there to keep the integrity and standards set for RPR as this product is becoming the go-to phosphate source for our ever increasing forward thinking farmers heading towards a more environmentally friendly future.

RPR is natural and gradually releases in the soil at a near neutral pH which soil biology can handle and is an alternative source of phosphate allowable for organic farmers. As it contains Calcium it does not have an acidifying effect on the soil.

The standard set by the NZ Fertiliser Council for RPR requires no less than 10% Phosphate and no less than 30% solubility in citric acid.

Sechura RPR has always set the Gold Standard for RPR which is mined in Peru.

An example of a shipment of Sechura Reactive Phosphate Rock (RPR) procured by a North Island based Fertilser company in June 2016 tested 12.495% Phosphate, 6.4 pH, 71% Calcium Carbonate, Citric Solubility of 47% and includes a range of trace elements.

Where phosphate is required as an input into a fertiliser programme there is argueably no other product on the market in NZ that can touch Sechura RPR for quality and proven results over a long period of tme.

I applaud Fertmark for standing its ground and not compromising the standards and integrity of our fertiliser products in NZ. In these situations it can be an easy move to be persuaded to lower the bar .

Smaller fertiliser companies who specialise in custom blends can get the best quality RPR. I would urge farmers to shop around for quality if they are to expect the best response for money spent.

If you are looking for Sechura RPR, (the real stuff) ask uncle GOOGLE. He has all the answers.

David Law
Forward Farming Consultancy


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